So.Im.Ex. Caravan

Una lunga storia di successo ed eccellenza

So.Im.Ex. Caravan was born in the Eighties and has developed a big experience in all branches of the recreational vehicles, from the sale of the most important European brands, to the rental and the after-sale service.
You can also find in its up-to-date  Market all the accessories that you need, to spend a pleasant holiday with your camper-van, your caravan or your tent.
Even when not being used, So.Im.Ex. Caravan guarantees your Recreational Vehicle has adequate storage, thanks to the convenient parking area with 400 spaces.
So.Im.Ex. Caravan is waiting for you with its 20.000 square meters, 3.000 of which covered and dedicated to the shop and other 1.500 dedicated to the workshop, the after-sale service and the offices in order to assist you in your “holiday choices”.

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Square meters

Shop square meters

workshop and after sales square meters

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  • Estensione complessiva 100% 100%
  • Area per il rimessaggio 77,5% 77,5%
  • Area per esposizione dei mezzi 15% 15%
  • Area dedicata ad officina e uffici 7,5% 7,5%